Extra Hot Ground thaw Blankets UL/CSA/CE standards

Heated|Insulated|Weatherproof|Rugged ground thaw blankets. Thaw 6”-18” within 12-24 hours. Applications for oil and gas industries, construction, home, farm, road construction and bridge construction.

New heat technology perfectly suited for ground thawing, ice and snow melting, site preparation including sub-grade thawing, Permafrost thaw, utility excavation and other heating applications.


Heated blankets are used in hundreds of industries: Plumbing contractors, Concrete contractors, Pre-Cast, General contractors, Utility Companies, Highway Departments, Public Works, Governments, Airports, Farms and Agriculture, Cemeteries, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Commercial, Mechanical, Masons, Roofers and more.

Insulated electrical concrete curing blankets provide an ideal environment for most concrete curing applications. Its innovative directional heat design spreads heat evenly across the surface, maintaining the optimal cure temperatures of 60-70 degrees.